Speedy Recap: The Flash Season 9, Episode 3



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Jahlil Rush, Production Assistant

So far Team Flash has been battling revised versions of their classic rogues’ gallery, taking on each villain that owns tech upgrades and manages to succeed in their plans. Working under the leadership of a deadly speedster with familiar ties to the superhero team, the rogues have stayed a step ahead of Team Flash.

In episode three, Barry and Iris piece together what has been happening for the past three episodes and conclude that they know what the recent rogues are after. Team Flash then recruits some unlikely allies in the fight against the red speedster and the rogue team.

The episode begins with viewers introduced to an active crime scene, where last week’s rogue, The Fiddler, and the new Captain Boomerang are seen stealing a piece of technology. The duo is interrupted by a security guard, who is later killed by a new serial killer metahuman named “Murmur.” The killer’s introduction is yet another indicator to Flash fans that the red speedster team is growing with each new episode.

The episode shifts to a much lighter scene where Barry and Iris are in Paris as a part of their babymoon vacation. The couple’s cute moment is interrupted by a Central City Police Alert of the recent crime by the rouges.

Investigating the crime scene, Barry realizes that the rogues were using technology that may come from a similar source, concurring that the stolen tech from earlier episodes are all pieces needed to construct a “Cosmic Treadmill,” a sort of time machine that allows speedsters to travel between timelines.

Realizing that time travel will be at the rogues’ disposal, Barry concludes that they must be stopped.

Barry meets with Hartley to ask for help in stopping the teched-out villains and learns that they are missing a piece, a quantum vibration engine, secured in a U.S. Department of Defense base. Hartley suggests that they liberate the piece before the rogues do and secure it someplace else.

Having no other options, Barry turns to former enemies for help in stealing the device, recruiting pyrokinetic meta Jaco Birch or “The Hotness,” Chillblaine and Goldface.

Barry’s new team of reformed rouges meet at Star Labs and soon get into an argument over retrieving the guarded tech. Barry’s leadership makes the team feel like he is untrusting of them.

Iris gives Barry a much-needed talk to reunite with his team outside of the military base. He apologizes to them for the lack of trust and assures them compensation for their help. After that, the mission begins.

Confused about how Barry reached the team in such a short time, Birch realizes that Barry is The Flash to Goldface’s agreement.

Sticking to their plan, the reformed rouges split up and successfully steal the device only to face betrayal by Chillblaine, who reveals he has sided with the red speedster.

Team Flash learns that they walked right into a trap, allowing Chillblaine to steal the device. Both teams regroup but are interrupted by the arrival of the red speedster, who easily defeats The Flash.

Retreating to Star Labs, the reformed rogues offer to help to defeat “Red Death,” coined by Goldface, but only after more information is discovered.

As Team Flash puts their heads together to find their next move, Chester reports that he called Luke Fox in Gotham, learning that the stolen tech indeed had a common origin: Wayne Enterprises. He also reports that Batwoman has gone missing.

Red Death’s identity is uncovered, revealing herself to be a version of Ryan Wilder, the current Batwoman.

Episode four of The Flash premiered on March 1.