Go abroad with AIESEC: the globalist experience


Courtesy of John Cabot University News

Angelica Tejada, Opinions Editor

AIESEC, a global nonprofit organization that has chapters in universities across the world and helps train the next generation of leaders, sends people abroad to volunteer or intern.

Students who are interested in AIESEC at Baruch College must go through an application process. Those who get accepted go through a training process before they begin to figure out what they want to do in the organization and whether they want to work abroad.

Students can be general members in the organization and still get the same benefits as those who travel to foreign countries.

“AIESEC is a global network of people that simply believe that youth leadership is not an option, but our responsibility,” the organization’s website sited.

“AIESEC has impacted my life in a big way,” said president of AIESEC, Alejandra Acherry.

“It has been the only club I have been in and I feel as though I have become more open and
confident within myself. Being able to lead a group of people has shown me the way to do so many different things. AIESEC has overall benefited me in a professional, personal and educational manner.”

Within the club, each member has the chance to advance and obtain different titles as their time in the club progresses.

“This club has helped me grow because there is a leadership pipeline, meaning that most of the time our members transition into leadership positions later,” said Vice President of Talent Management Kamila Lukyanova.

“So, for example, they start as a member and then they move up the ladder to team leader and then to vice president.”

While the club is mostly made up of business-oriented students, the conversations surrounding social issues occur often and the members get to gain experiences outside of the club meetings.

“I got the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. this summer to go to a national conference. In the conference we met a lot of AIESEC people from many different states across the United States,” added Lukyanova.

The personal impact that AIESEC makes onto its members influences how they contribute to society.

“AIESEC has helped me become a global citizen as we say in AIESEC,” stated Vice President of Finance Paris Papadatos.

“It has made me aware of everything that is happening in the world and the situations different people are in.”

The club offers space for students to gain opportunities in business while collaborating with people from different states and countries. AIESEC is a club that preps its members to become active and professional young adults that can utilize their skills to make a difference.

“Throughout my experience as the Vice President of Finance in AIESEC, I have been through many challenges,” added Papadatos.

“All I can say is that it has made me stronger and it has installed this passion in me that’s like no other.”