Undergraduate students revive LGBTQ+ club at Baruch

Kayla Aaron

The Baruch College Gender, Love and Sexuality Spectrum club had their first meeting since they reformed. They discussed engagement, events and club social media pages.

GLASS President Jack Lehane, a sophomore majoring in finance, said he was inspired to restart the club because he wanted to create a space for Baruch’s LGBTQ+ community to come together. He said the purpose of GLASS is for anyone who feels isolated to know they have a space on campus.

“[I formed] it thinking again about my freshman self and coming to New York,” Lehane said, “I had the opportunity to come out to the world when I moved here.”

He said he is passionate about having a space at Baruch for LGBTQ+ students and allies to meet on campus. Lehane said he “want[s] GLASS to represent the entirety of Baruch.”

GLASS’ members said reviving the club has not been an easy task. Since student clubs were closed during the worst of the pandemic, many student leaders have graduated before passing down important information to younger students.

The new GLASS executive board said it is looking to create engagement that lasts beyond their years at Baruch.

Treasurer Seina Bertman, a sophomore majoring in accounting, said that she found GLASS at the club fair and stepped up to be the treasurer because the community needs everyone to help. Bertman has worked on the budget, social media and meeting notes.

The club room for GLASS is in the club suite in the Newman Vertical Campus, room 3-216. The room belongs to both the undergraduate and graduate LGBTQ+ clubs to use for meetings, socializing, and club collaborations.

The LGTQ+ resource room will be used to organize students around LGBTQ+ issues and spread information and resources to the larger Baruch community.

Students who are interested in getting involved with GLASS can sign up for the mailing list, follow the social media pages and attend GLASS’ campus events.

GLASS will be hosting a general interest meeting on Mar. 9 from 12:40 p.m. to 2:20 p.m. in Newman Vertical Campus, room 8-150.

The club leaders said it has been difficult to access the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for GLASS and have since started new social media pages. Bertman said the club’s name “seems almost outdated,” but they were not permitted to change it.

Lehane is also a member of the CUNY lead organization called the Advocacy Academy, which seeks to enrich and empower students through advocacy and leadership.

He said he encourages students to get involved with the CUNY advisory council, which has over 160 professionals who want to mentor LGBTQ+ students in the fields of their choice. He said he hopes the program will help empower students to succeed in their careers and feel supported by the LGBTQ+ community.

“GLASS is a student lead organization on campus, reviving the club that was already there but also being cognizant of Gen Z and our own student body,” Lehane said.