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Glassdoor picks 2019 top CEOs based on employee satisfaction


Popular job recruitment site, Glassdoor, recently announced their top CEOs of 2019 based on employee choice. 

The list contained 100 CEOs listed with their company name and approval rating. Additionally, Glassdoor linked reviews and jobs under the name of the CEOs, which allowed potential job seekers the ability to embrace a window of opportunity. 

Glassdoor stopped at nothing but high standards with approval ratings ranging from 90-99%.

VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger ranked number one with a 99% approval rating — an impressive jump from the 78th spot in 2018. 

VMware is committed to transforming digital technology, their website stating that their “business is innovation,” with its employees playing a key role. 

An employee from California even stated that “VMware won’t spoon-feed you, but will ensure that you are given the tools and opportunities to go as far as you want,” Glassdoor reported

CEOs are representatives of the companies. Most reviews applauded Gellsinger, even if the experience working at his company was lackluster.

A manager writes that VMware is “only good for unlimited time off and the name” and that the experience working there will be “defined by the manager,” according to Glassdoor. 

CEOs are supposed to understand the needs of the company and direct the company toward an increasingly innovative and profitable path. 

However, it may not always be possible to identify and fix every company’s problem that appears firsthand. 

The importance of employees are crucial in such situations. 

The leadership established in one determined employee can create a positive domino effect for others, influencing the work environment. 

“Your employees are on the front lines in transforming the customer experience and actually play the most significant role,” Forbes stated. 

Another impressive addition to Glassdoor’s list is Lynsi Snyder at number three. The CEO of the popular fast-food burger joint In-N-Out Burger served up an approval rating of 99%.

Snyder managed to maintain her standing on the list, up one spot from 2018. 

While the franchise was an inheritance, reviews from Glassdoor prove just how hard she worked to earn her spot. released an article angled on Snyder, stating that, “to be considered, CEOs had to have received a minimum of 100 approval ratings and 100 senior management ratings on Glassdoor’s website between May 2018 and May 2019.”

It seems that the CEOs who made the list are highly pivoted toward creating a better work environment for their employees.

Snyder describes that she values more than just money, and plans to not sell the burger joint “any
time soon,” according to an interview she did with The New York Times.

Back in August, CEOs of top companies such as Apple and JPMorgan Chase & Co. demonstrated that they want to focus more on prioritizing their employees first. 

This new focus “was an explicit rebuke of the notion that the role of the corporation is to maximize profits at all costs — the philosophy that has held sway on Wall Street and in the boardroom for 50 years,” The New York Times reported

Glassdoor’s 2019 top CEOs list can be a guideline for both employers and job seekers alike. 

The CEOs on the list earned their ranks from their resilience in their industries and immense dedication to their employees’ well-being.

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