Recap of The CW’s ‘The Flash’ season 9, episode 1


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Jahlil Rush, Production Assistant

After nearly a decade of superhero crossovers, memorable moments and lightning fast fight scenes, Team Flash returned to viewers’ television screens for one last season of the hit series.

The season premiere began with the show’s signature recap scene of the earlier season. In episode one titled “Wednesday Ever After”, Barry Allen creates a map to guide him and Iris throughout their future to keep her safe from looming threats, but he finds that the results are not what he expected.

The season premiere takes place one week after the recurring villain, the Reverse Flash, is defeated. Barry and Iris try to live peaceful lives. The show highlights Iris’ struggle to return to her role as Editor-in-Chief of her news publication, Central City Citizen, after everything she went through with her “time sickness” in season seven.

Iris learns from Allegra that Cat Grant is interested in buying her media company. Meanwhile, Barry’s professional life takes a turn when, right after getting recommended for a promotion at the Central City Police Department, he confronts a new version of Captain Boomerang, known as Owen Mercer and played by Richard Harmon. Nick Tarabay, who previously played Captain Boomerang, was killed in the fifth season of The CW’s “Arrow.

Flash interrupts Boomerang, who has robbed a Roemer Accelerator from Kord Industries. Flash comes into contact with the accelerator, unknowingly putting Iris and himself into a “time loop”, where they are forced to relive the same day over and over. Shortly after the fight, Barry returns home and tells Iris that he created a book detailing his future with her, which includes a possible pregnancy in three months and more career achievements for both of them.

Chester, played by Brandon McKnight, learns of the time loop, and finds a way out of it by analyzing the accelerator’s power source, a quantum based micro circuitry. As Barry and Iris continue to experience the loop, Iris decides to stay in the loop during the seventh cycle. Around the time that Barry discovers she declined Grant’s offer for the company buy-out, he realizes that her refusal of the offer is the reason that they are stuck in the loop.

After Barry and Iris’ argument, Barry runs to Joe and Cecile where they give him advice about the future, explaining that the future is something a person creates, not something that is destined. This prompts Barry to burn his book of the future.

On the final loop, Barry and Iris accept their offers from both Grant and Police Captain Kristen Kramer and decide to spend the little freedom they have left together. Barry and Iris defeat Mercer, but he teleports away with the battery. Barry uses his signature phasing ability to stop the accelerator from destroying the city.

After the fight, Team Flash discovers that Boomerang’s attack was someone else’s idea. Cecile masters her telekinetic powers with Joe and he tells her that he believes that the time has come for him and her to leave Central City behind and begin a new life.

In the post credit scenes, Barry gets a call from Caitlin, who claims that she is neither Caitlin nor Frost. Mercer is revealed to be conspiring with a speedster with a Batman emblem.

The next episode of The Flash will premiere on Feb. 15.