Baruch debuts club showcases at NVC

Justina Dodani

Instead of one large club fair this semester, clubs are being presented in a showcase arrangement, every Tuesday and Thursday from Feb. 9 to Mar. 2 during club hours on the second floor of the William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus.

Club leaders had to sign up for a time slot on a first come, first served basis.

In the past, the club fair was criticized for being overwhelming. The shift to smaller showcases aims to highlight each club better and create a less intimidating environment.

“Smaller club fair is better for its safety, last semester it was out of hand,” Requis Tipu said.

Large crowds at last year’s club fair meant that some students were unable to enter the gym and learn about the clubs.

During the club showcases, attendees can explore a smaller number of clubs and organizations and have a more individualized experience with club leaders.

“Clubs will be highlighted with more attention,” Masayori Sudo Hasegawa said.

Despite preferring the new set up, some students still suggested ways the club showcase could be improved.

One criticism stemmed from the showcase being located near the escalators and elevators for students, one of the most crowded spaces on campus. This space is where all the students gather to get in and out of their classes.

Some students have proposed keeping the club fair smaller but moving back to the gym, where the club fair took place last year.

There were also concerns that the club fair wouldn’t be as grand and that students might get so used to seeing clubs tabling that may simply overlook clubs as time passes. Some students may also have classes during the Tuesday showcases.

“Better than last semester but it could be better,” Sabrina Kippes said when asked to describe the club showcase.

Editor’s Note: Sabrina Kippes is the anchor of The Ticker’s weekly update.