The future of the Brooklyn Nets: Cam Thomas scores big after Kyrie trade

Monique Destiny Proverbs 

Cam Thomas surpassed Allen Iverson as the youngest player in NBA history to score 40+ points in three consecutive games. Thomas is known as a certified bucket.

The sophomore shooting guard of the Brooklyn Nets scored a career-high 47 points against the Los Angeles Clippers, just after putting up 44 points against the Washington Wizards – leaving everyone to wonder just how long he would keep up the hot streak. Thomas’s historic points came at the perfect moment as a day prior, Kyrie Irving was traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

Cam Thomas began to shine in the Nets’ Feb. 4 game against the Washington Wizards when Irving had requested to be traded.

The next day, the Dallas Mavericks dealt for Kyrie and officially ended the Nets’ “Big Three” era over the weekend. The “Big Three” included Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden. During this era, the Nets only won one playoff series mostly due to multiple injuries.

Thomas went on to score his 47 points against the Clippers that Monday, and 43 points in the Feb. 7 game against the Phoenix Suns the next day.

Although Thomas is new to Nets fans he is no stranger to the basket. Cam played college ball at Louisiana State University where he was known to all as the “bucket-getter”. He averaged 23 points per game and even won with the LSU Tigers at an NCAA tournament.

With the closing of this chapter, Thomas gives hope to Nets fans. By the end of the trade deadline, the Nets acquired Cameron Johnson, Dorian Finney-Smith, Mikal Bridges and Spencer Dinwiddie.

Finney-Smith and Dinwiddie showed out in their debut games against the Chicago Bulls, leading the Nets to victory with a final score of 116-105. Thomas aided this win by putting up 20 points, showing he’s not someone to play with. Bridges and Johnson also showed out for the Nets fans in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

If he isn’t already considered one, Thomas has the potential to become a star player on the Nets and should be in the starting five in upcoming games. In the team’s Feb. 9 game against the Chicago Bulls, Thomas was off to a rough start, struggling to put up points against stronger defenders but was able to redeem himself in the second half.

His ability to score high points and shoot off the dribble is fantastic and will most likely only become better over time. The new Nets roster has players like Bridges who is a good two-way player with impressive defensive skills and, if given the opportunity, can be a talented scorer.

Even though the Brooklyn Nets have lost two of their best players, this new team is filled with potential. If given the opportunity to improve their skill, the Brooklyn Nets could once again be a contender.

The Nets are currently loaded with multiple defenders and have some great 3-point shooters. As long as they build up the team that they, while continuing to develop players’ shooting and defensive abilities, they are destined for greatness.