WIB event counsels women on applying makeup in the workplace

Baruch College’s Women in Business held an event called “Makeup in the Business World” on April 10. Anastasiya Kachur, founder of The Beaut Commute, a company devoted to express beauty services for professional women, led the event.

Kachur graduated from Baruch in 2015, and during that time, she was a member of Women in Business.

She explained that when starting the company, she first wanted to have a makeup truck in New York City.

She soon realized, however, that women do not want full beauty treatments unless it is for a special occasion. The company then turned into providing hair and makeup for professionals.

Kachur told the group  how she worked for the Brooklyn Nets and was sent to Human Resources for wearing red lipstick. The organization said she could not wear red lipstick to work because it connotes promiscuity.

Kachur said she personally does not agree with the notion of not being able to wear bright colors, but she teaches women how to look professional and be confident in the workplace.

Kachur’s partner, Christina Vega, is a professional makeup artist.

For the presentation, Kachur took off all the makeup she had on. Vega applied makeup to Kachur with step-by-step instructions.

There were three makeup looks: for the interview, work day and evening. They said for the interview, one should wear minimal makeup, neutral colors and tie up one’s hair. Once one receives the job, it is appropriate to wear a little more eyeshadow and eyeliner. For the weekend and a night out with friends, one can wear whatever one wants. This includes fake lashes, contour, highlighter and glitter.

Vega also went over important concepts such as skin care, properly washing one’s brushes and buying new makeup every few months.

Andrea Valverde, a junior and member of WIB, noted that this topic is significant, and this was one of the highest turnouts the club has had for an event.

“It’s the first impression we get at the interview. So, you know you don’t want to carry too much on your face … I think the tips that they shared today are going to help us out,” Valverde said.

WIB’s next event is a professional development workshop for resume review and interview preparation on May 1.

April 16, 2018

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