USG votes in another new senator as spring semester comes to a close

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government recently elected Representative Sen. Liam Giordano to fill the seat vacated by former Vice President of Academic Affairs Suleman Aleem.

With just two weeks remaining of the 2018 spring semester, Giordano was elected to the table through in-house elections during the weekly senate meeting on Tuesday, May 2.

While there were five other candidates who had applied for the position via a Google Form posted on USG’s Facebook page, Giordano was the only one present at the meeting.

“I was expecting competition,” Giordano said in an interview. “In fact, I encourage competition. There were a few people who were supposed to show up and they were strong candidates who have ran before. It is unfortunate that I was the only one who showed up, but ultimately I think that I was best fit for the role, so I’m pretty happy with the results.”

He explained that what motivated him to take on the position, despite it being so late into the semester, was the fact that he always wanted to represent students but was waiting for the right time.

In addition to becoming a representative senator, Giordano also serves as the co-chair on the Constitutional Review Committee. He expressed that the biggest highlight of being part of the Constitutional Review Committee was going around to hundreds of students, speaking to them in the hallways, in classrooms and at forums — informing them about issues.

Early on in the semester, he was focusing on passing the amendment that would ensure accountability for representative senators and USG e-board members to potential impeachment after missing four USG senate meetings.

“The time that [the position] had presented itself was perfect,” said Giordano, “as the amendment wrapped up I was free and I was really available to take on more projects.”

Giordano ran with Project Now for the position of University Student Senate Representative and plans to further educational programs across all CUNY campuses and encourages students to take full advantage of their resources.

May 9, 2018

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