USG receives 23rd Street project update

The Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government gave a summary of reports during its weekly senate meeting on March 13, including a presentation by Lisa Edwards, assistant vice president of Campus Operations, about the construction and intended renovations of the 23rd Street building.

The meeting opened with Edwards presenting a 3-D rendering of the building. Edwards explained there are seven phases to complete the whole project and that the project is currently at phase 1A. So far, Baruch only has proper funding for this phase and would need around $90 million to complete all seven phases.

Phase 1A includes electrical work, new elevators and a remodeling of the lobby.

The plan for the new lobby is to lower its facade to street level and add a ramp within the building. The ramp is currently located on the 22nd Street side of the building next to a dumpster, making it difficult for people with wheelchairs to access because it can become obstructed by garbage bags.

The lobby will also have glass walls and turnstiles like the Newman Vertical Campus.

As for the following phases, the plan is to install new elevator banks, extend some floors to add more room for science labs and fix the heating and air conditioning vents. All other work would be interior fixes that would not have a cosmetic impact on the building. The project is expectd to be
January 2020.

Following this presentation, USG President Isabel Arias gave a brief report on her meeting with David Christy, provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs, regarding social Greek life at Baruch. Arias summarized that Christy was reviewing the information that both he and USG had collected and would be making a decision in the coming weeks.

USG Treasurer Suzanna Egan then went on to speak about two main points, the first of which concerned a late payment Baruch’s chapter of Student Veterans of America made toward a vendor invoice earlier this semester. A representative of SVA requested to get the debt paid from their 2017-2018 miscellaneous budget and the majority of the senate voted in favor of it.

Egan’s second point was to review USG’s current budget for the Spring semester in addition to the sum of the Fall semester events and their associated costs.

She said to anticipate fewer events in the spring. Since USG’s most expensive event, Baruch Bash, is held in spring, the number of events will depend on how the money is spent.

University Student Senate Delegate Jasper Diaz spoke briefly on the legislation for the Committee on Environmental Protection of the New York City Council, which calls to pass the Carbon Adjustment for Poverty, Education and Research legislative proposal. Diaz explained that he testified at the CUNY Board of Trustees hearing at Brooklyn College on March 12 and proposed changes for the student activity fee policy by the administration.

The meeting ended with Representative Sen. Andrew Windsor discussing the next steps in the process to amend the USG Constitution.

The Constitutional Review Committee intends to submit the amendment to the Student Elections and Review Committee to be approved and placed on the ballot so that the students can vote on the it. Once approved, Windsor and his team will petition to get a time extension for the remaining of the 1,600 signatures needed.

March 20, 2018

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