USG discusses first projects and conserving energy via escalators

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government held its weekly senate meeting on Sept. 4 in which the table discussed its first projects for the semester.

In the first senate meeting, President Radhika Kalani suggested the creation of an event proposal system for USG. Kalani, who was previously the vice president of The FemCode, a Baruch club that helps women pursue careers in technology, has had experience in event planning before taking on her new role in USG.

She explained in an interview that when she tried to plan her own event she found that “there were a few things you need to think about, like what’s the purpose of the event, how many students will be attending, what are some locations you’re looking at and of course the logistics of the money aspect.”

Having a formal event proposal, she said, would be like having a checklist — so if someone were to have an event, the information would all be organized in one place before presenting the idea to others. She also explained the proposal is just an option. “I don’t want to make it mandatory but I think it’s a good way for [the table] to think everything through” before going about an event so problems do not arise later.

Regarding clubs, Kalani mentioned that USG will be reaching out to talk about the appeals and cosponsorships process to better explain to clubs how they can request more money if needed.

In reaching out to clubs, she plans on making “a packet-like cheat sheet,” where along with how the appeals and cosponsorships work, she can include a template for event proposal if clubs want to use it for guidance.

Following Kalani’s report, Vice President of Campus Affairs Kendra Lojano brought up the significant energy reduction currently happening at Baruch.

Students were emailed about Con Edison’s plan on energy reduction stating that the college is reducing energy consumption “by raising the temperature, turning off escalators, and turning off or reducing corridor and atrium lights.”

Chair of Finance Justin Broomfield said, “I think it is absolutely ridiculous that the second-floor escalator going down is not working during prime time and there is a lot of congestion.”

Prime time usually happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays at around club hours when most students are on campus.

It is difficult for students to navigate the building during these times, especially when the electricity is reduced. Broomfield added, “I have been here on multiple occasions late at night and both escalators going from second floor lobby to the first are on but the third to the second-floor escalator is off all day.”

Chair of Appeals Ray Colon also expressed a similar concern, saying that he has been in the Newman Vertical Campus the entire day on a Saturday when the building closes at 6 p.m..

However, he was here until 8 p.m. and when exiting, he noticed that all the escalators were still running.

The table agreed that this is not the best way to reduce energy consumption and Baruch can do a better job at being more efficient with it.

Broomfield suggested that this can be an issue USG petitions in order to resolve it quicker.

However, Kalani explained that “this is a bigger-than-us issue; it’s more a New York City-wide issue because [Con Edison] doesn’t want to create a blackout or brownout.”

Lojano will reach out to Lisa Edwards, who is in charge of campus facilities, to further inquire about the situation.

The meeting ended with the table discussing when and how clubs will be able to book the USG conference room for meetings and small-scale events.

The table had different views on how long the conference room can be booked and whether it could be booked on the weekends.

Ultimately, the table decided that the conference room must be booked at least one week in advance if being booked for 3.5 hours or less.

To request the room for more than 3.5 hours, clubs must book at least 2.5 to 3 weeks in advance. The room may only be booked Monday through Friday and may not be booked on Tuesdays past 5 p.m. due to USG’s senate meetings.

Clubs are now able to book the conference room on the USG website by filling out a request form.

September 11, 2018

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