USG and USS will join forces for a better CUNY

We hope midterms are wrapping up for all of you soon! If you have a chance, take some time to get involved on Baruch College’s campus. “Hall-o-week” and “Homecoming” have wrapped up and brought together students for two weeks full of fun events.

The University Student Senate elections were held on Oct. 21. The Undergraduate Student Government plans to work closely with USS to help unite CUNY student governments and to push more initiatives as a larger force. The USS would be a great opportunity to connect our undergraduate population to CUNY-level initiatives and movements.

One of the main issues USG has seen this year is the outdated microwaves located on the first floor and in USG’s own suite, as well as a possibility for more appliances in other areas of Baruch. This will be a long discussion because microwaves require certain energy sources and each microwave needs to fulfill certain CUNY standards.

That said, come spring semester, we can hopefully look forward to seeing some new microwaves around campus. If you have any suggestions about where we could put the new microwaves, please feel free to reach out to any senator or contact us on Facebook.

USG is spending a lot of time this year gathering feedback. Our main driver is the new Public Opinion Committee, but we also have other efforts. Our newsletter and social media have feedback Google forms.

As for a more public way to get suggestions, USG will be tabling on the second floor in the future to gather direct feedback on Post-it Notes from any Baruch students passing by. This will allow us to interact with more students and hopefully pinpoint patterns in issues. Some suggestions we have received so far are to try to find a solution for the cafeteria and to try to improve the gymnasium.

Assistant Vice President Lisa Edwards came to speak at our senate meeting on Oct. 16. In her presentation, she discussed 24 different projects going on at Baruch and gave USG a little more insight into the timing and reasoning behind each project. Twenty-four projects are a huge amount, and most college campuses have to handle seven or eight maximum, so this is a lot to take on. Although it seems to be a very long road ahead of us, Baruch will surely be a better place at the end of all of it.

Please feel free to visit our suite if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to say hello!

Emma Jorgensen is the executive vice president of USG. She can be reached at emma.jorgensen@usgbaruch.com. Her office is located at 3-276 in the Newman Vertical Campus.

November 5, 2018

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