The Ticker discloses future plans and welcomes new year

The Fall 2017 semester begins the 85th year of production for The Ticker and the editorial board is excited to announce that there is much to look forward to during the year.

In Issue 1, News Editor Victoria Merlino covered the student government election nullification at the City College of New York, analyzing its potential impact on the future of student-run organizations both at CCNY and throughout the CUNY system.

Marketing Director Jonathan Sperling contacted a freelance journalist, hired by Gothamist, who was allegedly attacked by Public Safety officers at Bronx Community College.

In the realm of Baruch College, News Assistant Bianca Monteiro interviewed 23 members of the Undergraduate Student Government on their roles in USG, as well as their concrete plans within their respective roles.

This year, The Ticker aiming to set up more tabling events than in recent years. Already, we have had an exceptionally popular table during this year’s Convocation Day. Through these events, we have been able to recruit more copy editors, photographers and writers than ever before.

We at The Ticker are also happy to have recently renovated our website, making our articles accessible to Baruch students no matter where they might be. In the near future, we are looking to expand our website to be even more fun and interactive for students, by way of weekly podcasts, full-color PDFs of Ticker issues, polls, multimedia content and more.

As our newsletter’s subscribers steadily grow, we are beginning to reach out to other student-run newspapers in CUNY in order to feature a wider variety of CUNY news.

As for The Ticker’s social media arm, we are quickly expanding our Facebook and Instagram accounts in order to bring our readers all sorts of creative content. Keep an eye on our Facebook in the coming weeks, as we aim to debut regular giveaways of Ticker merchandise to our readers.

This November, The Ticker will celebrate its 85th year of production with a celebration featuring both current and former Ticker staff

We are continuously recruiting and publishing stories of caliber and quality. The Ticker is proud to have served CUNY’s students and faculty for this long, and look forward to continuing to inform the Baruch and CUNY communities for countless years to come.

September 11, 2017

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