‘Students of Baruch’ website offers online community to students

Launched in the fall of 2017, the website and community Facebook page “Students of Baruch” has experienced enormous success, connecting Baruch College students across campus. It did this through its social marketplace to buy and sell calculators and textbooks, and it’s easy access calendar of club events.

The website has facilitated over 100 affordable purchases of textbooks between students on campus, as well as contributed to greater student involvement in campus life by hosting advertisements for Baruch clubs and organizations on its platform. Furthermore, Students of Baruch will host almost any item that a student is looking to sell or donate amongst the Baruch community.

In an interview with The Ticker, site creator Warren Arthur said, “I encourage students to contribute whatever they can possibly imagine to other fellow Bearcats. Even a dollar’s worth of discount can change the life of another student!”

The website began as a project to give back to Baruch. Arthur had just graduated from Baruch in the Spring semester of 2017 with a degree in computer information systems, and was working as an information technology specialist at the college.

Arthur performed so well academically and professionally that he was awarded a full scholarship early in his undergraduate career.

As a token of his appreciation, Arthur denied the myriad of employment offers from private technology companies he had received after graduation, and began drafting a project that he envisioned would improve the Baruch community.

During the interview, Arthur explained his decision to create Students of Baruch, “I was in my office, staring at a pile of textbooks and calculators that I had accumulated from classes and I was thinking of ways to donate them when the idea hit me. I could put my skills to use and create some kind of exchange program for Baruch students.”

The process was certainly not easy though. Arthur explained that the site is constructed of three different coding formulas. He was able to apply skills that he had mastered in Baruch classrooms by implementing Cascading Style Sheets, Hypertext Markup Language and Personal Home Page into a WordPress platform.

Arthur also ascribed his success to the opportunities provided to him by Baruch’s fine and performing arts department.

“Aside from all of the opportunities I was given as a student and as an employee, the chairwoman of the department, Anne Swartz has encouraged my project from the moment I shared it with her,” Arthur said.

Previously, Arthur was a one-man team, working relentlessly on his Students of Baruch project in his free time. Only this semester did Arthur hire three project assistants to help him in various aspects of the project, like marketing and outreach to Baruch clubs and organizations.

According to Arthur, these Baruch students have the potential to assist him in making the project a much larger, more creative platform that can host the potential to benefit every CUNY student.

Despite investing his own money to pay his project assistants, to enable giveaways for Baruch clubs and organizations and to keep the site running, Arthur is only concerned with impacting the lives of Baruch students.

“I just want to make Baruch students happy. If I can change a student’s life, by connecting them to their tools for success in college, then it will all be worth it,” he said.

Students of Baruch also has a lively presence on its Facebook page, where Arthur and his assistants peruse through a range of Baruch-related Facebook accounts to answer students’ concerns and questions regarding a multitude of issues. Ranging from technology support, to directing students to calculus tutoring videos, Students of Baruch makes every attempt to guide Baruch students into an easier undergraduate experience.

Students of Baruch also prioritizes safety. Every posting and response, as well as the respective email addresses of the two users, is forwarded to Arthur and his team. Arthur makes sure to include overt suggestions to users about remaining on campus when connecting in any capacity with another user of the site. “Safety of Baruch students is imperative, so I take every precaution that I can to ensure the success of the site,” Arthur said.

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March 10, 2018

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