Project Now campaigning lacks student outreach effort

With a few days left before students vote on their Undergraduate Student Government candidates, there is a lot we still do not know about the sole party running. Project Now’s presence on the second-floor lobby has been sparse. Though they have tabled and engaged in person with students, Project Now’s campaign has been largely limited to its social media pages.

Furthermore, as of April 19, Project Now did not post its platform on any of its social media. A platform is a vital document in elections, as it allows constituents to learn about the party’s mission and goals. How are students supposed to know what Project Now stands for if a platform has not been released? How are they to make a conscious decision in the voting booth if they do not know what goals these candidates want to pursue?

During the April 19 debate in the Cafeteria, Emma Jorgensen, the candidate for executive vice president, said the party only spoke about the platform among themselves. She only considered writing and posting it on social media when a question prompted her to do so.

Another candidate running with the party said that the team decided to campaign on the second-floor lobby late into the election season, saying it was the best time to get the vote out. However, Project Now members were sometimes overshadowed by large-scale events in the lobby, such as Hillel’s celebration of the Israeli Independence day, which may have limited their time with students.

The executive board running with Project Now does stand unopposed, but this does not exclude the board or its other running members from treating this election seriously. Not issuing out a platform and not getting the word out more frequently to students in person are signs that members of Project Now are not taking their campaign as seriously as they should. Independent candidates are guilty of this, too.

Avoiding these actions makes the running candidates of the Project Now executive board seem like they want to cruise to the finish line without putting in appropriate work. Just because Project Now is running unopposed does not mean its members should disregard what is likely to be the more strenuous portions of the campaign.

After all, the students are and will always be the constituents USG represents. If Project Now is not interacting with the students right now, how can we trust them to interact later when they are in an elected position?

April 24, 2018

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