Himalayan Club hosts Tihar event

The Himalayan Club at Baruch College hosted its first event of the semester, “Deusi-Bhailo,” on March 8. The event highlighted Tihar, the Hindu “Festival of Light,” an event that brings people together through song, food and dance.

Prasiddha Thakuri, president of the Himalayan Club, opened the event with information about the Tihar celebration. The religious festival is typically celebrated for five days around the end of October and beginning of November  and is similar to American holidays like Halloween, Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

“Deusi and Bhailo represent traditional songs that are sung during the Tihar festival,” Thakuri explained. “The word ‘Deusi Re’ can be broken down into two words in Sanskrit, generally meaning to offer one’s head for a greater cause, or sacrifice oneself.”

Participants played games at the event, with some splitting into four teams to sing and dance. The teams were tasked with filling in the missing lyrics of randomly chosen songs.

They were also encouraged to dance in order to score additional points for showing off their dance moves while singing.

Students played the madal, a hand drum used in Nepal, after watching videos depicting how these drums are used during the festival.

Thakuri plans to further present the Baruch community with Himalayan culture. The club also plans on having this “Deusi-Bhailo” event during the next Fall semester around the time of the actual Tihar festival.

“You can rest assure that this was just a sneak peek, as we have bigger and bolder plans for the next ‘Deusi-Bhailo’ and all of our future events,” Thakuri said.

The Himalayan Club was chartered by the Undergraduate Student Government in 2016 after operating unofficially for a couple of years.

Thakuri explained that the club was formed in Spring 2015 when Himalayan students at Baruch joined together to raise funds for Nepalese earthquake victims. The students raised $9,500 in one week and made the decision to move forward as a group.

March 10, 2018

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