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Baruch alumnus opens NYFW show laden with collaboration

Ronnie Fieg, Kith founder and Baruch alumnus, opened new doors with his third New York Fashion Week show, Kith Park, which took place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Duggal Greenhouse.

Kith is a New York-based brand that is popular among urban fashion fanatics and is known for its stylish high-end streetstyle collaborations. The runway featured a wide selection of sporty, “ready-to-wear” outfits that include brands like Versace, Bergdorf Goodman, Tommy Hilfiger, Ugg, MISBHV and Coca-Cola.

Kith Park had a total of four sets: Kith and Collaborations, Kith x Tommy Hilfiger, Kith x Greg Lauren and Kith x Versace. Kith’s fashion runway differed from other designers because each set had a distinct ambience. Besides putting effort into the articles of clothing, Kith went the extra mile by dressing the stage as well, so to speak.

The first set, Kith and Collaborations, immersed the audience in the winter season with cool-colored lighting, rough floor textures, trickling snow, scattered dead leaves and tall trees. The decor reflected the tone of the upcoming brand collaborations with Bergdorf Goodman, MISBHV and Columbia.

The purposes of the outfits ranged from “casual winter strolls in SoHo” to “luxurious skiing in Aspen.” Josie Canseco, a Victoria Secret Angel and Kith’s runway model, casually rocked a jet black Kith x MISBHV leather suit ensemble. A male model was decked out in an ice-gray puffer jacket and ski pants designed by Kith x Columbia. Fieg experimented with various textures and patterns to avoid monotony; combinations of mesh, leather, plaid, velour, fur and denim were used in several outfits to create cozy winter looks.

The second set, Kith x Tommy Hilfiger, took place in a classroom setting, accented with bookshelves and embroidered carpeting. Fieg and Hilfiger went for a “back to school” mood board with their collaboration, since all the outfits may as well be in a uniform catalog; however, the outfits are anything but repetitive. Uniformity was maintained with a strict color palette of unsaturated primary and secondary colors such as navy, maroon, forest green and mustard.

Layering seemed to be the key for each outfit. Models prepared for a chilly fall semester with reflective windbreakers, puffers, plaid blazers and denim jackets. An outfit based on a hoodie under a blazer gave a whole new meaning to business casual.

To maintain the concept of uniformity, most of the outfits in the second set were unisex. Hailey Baldwin — Hilfiger’s new ambassador — strutted down Kith Park’s runway with a unisex, color-blocked collared button down with a tie and khakis.

Shortly after the second set, the audience was shifted to a grungy, industrial ambience to enhance the Kith x Greg Lauren collaboration where rugby meets vogue. The backdrop was decorated with factory junk such as metal barrels, wheat bags and metal scraps. The layers of junk stay consistent with the layer motif in the third set.

This was yet another collaboration where layering was key, yet still distinct from the traditional layering as seen in the previous Kith x Tommy Hilfiger set with collars and jackets. Kith x Greg Lauren managed to put a spin on the old technique of quilting and make it look new.

However, the designers didn’t follow a shapely pattern like grandma used to; instead, they literally cut cloths into raw scraps and mix and matched them. Aleali May, a celebrity stylist, wore an asymmetrical mashup poncho of a cardinal red and black flannel and a distressed denim jacket.

Lastly, the fourth set was Kith x Versace — the high-end segment of the fashion show. The set was kept a basic black to ensure that attention and emphasis was kept on the pieces.

Versace is known for its intricate and flashy patterns, and it was probably in Fieg and Versace’s best interest to keep the backdrop simple to prevent unwanted clashing.

Versace may have an upper class aesthetic, but Kith made sure to humble it with street style. The combination of streetwear and luxury was opened by Bella Hadid, who confidently wore a cropped velour puffer jacket and biker shorts that displayed Versace’s signature print.

Kith’s fashion pieces appeal to many because their clothing is functional off the runway, hence the label, “ready-to wear.” Some NYFW show pieces can be pretentious and solely for visual display. Ronnie Fieg’s NYFW 2018 fashion show successfully found the balance between upscale and casual.

September 14, 2018

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