Evan Lewis


Trump needs skilled staff

When President Donald Trump selected Dr. Ronny Jackson to run the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, it was simultaneously surprising and completely predictable. Jackson’s inexperience at running an agency even close to the size of the department did not disqualify him, it actually made him even more of a perfect fit in Trump’s White House….


Texas may be blue after all

There are some constants in life that people just expect to happen, like Meryl Streep being nominated for an Academy Award every year or LeBron James playing in the NBA Championship. For the past quarter century, a Republican senator winning a reelection cycle in Texas has been one of those things. After dominating every single…


Democrats should seek middle ground

As the fight to combat gun violence ramps up, activists are seeking a new approach to tackle the mass shooting epidemic plaguing the United States. Democrats and gun control groups alike have shied away from bans on assault weapons, rather in favor of other preventive legislation. Advocates are moving away from the term “gun control”…


Trump intends to miss dinner to avoid ridicule

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a tradition that has been around since the early 1900s. The event is supposed to be a fun get-together where journalists and politicians socialize and poke fun at one another. In a political climate where reporters and elected officials are so often at odds, it is a refreshing change…


Democrats should lean toward center for votes

By now, most Americans have heard that Democrat Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania last week sent a strong message to Republicans, namely about President Donald Trump’s unpopularity and the growing concern with the upcoming midterm elections. However, there is a case to be made that the 33-year-old’s shocking upset sent just as important of a…


Jets ponder options after trading for 3rd pick in NFL draft

After netting two quarterbacks in free agency, the New York Jets showed last weekend that they are not done making surprising moves this offseason. On March 17, they shocked the NFL by agreeing to a blockbuster trade with the Indianapolis Colts to acquire their No. 3 overall pick in the upcoming draft. In exchange, Gang…

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