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Baruch administration deserves praise for solidarity

As Baruch students, we have the tendency to complain about broken elevators and escalators, crowded hallways, even more crowded lecture halls and the Wi-Fi connection that never seems to work. The lines to printers in the library building and the sixth floor computer labs make us fume, and more than a few of us have…


Officers must learn nonlethal tactics

A recent shooting at the Georgia Institute of Technology is just another case where officials used excessive force in an instance where it was uncalled for and not needed. Campus police shot Scout Schultz, who later died at the hospital. The Schultz’s family attorney stated that Schultz was experiencing a mental breakdown when encountering campus…


Baruch should do more to honor fallen heroes of 9/11

The terrorist attacks perpetuated on 9/11 left scars on the collective U.S. consciousness that continues to run deep over 16 years later. While the whole United States was affected by the fear, trauma and pain the attacks caused, there was nowhere that was hit harder than New York. There are reminders everywhere: streets named after…


Modeling needs nuanced regulation

Following a string of bad press, two of the largest French fashion companies, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE and Kering, have chartered new standards for their models. The two companies have banned models who are a U.S. waist size of women’s zero or two or men’s 34 from appearing in any of their shoots or…


Lawsuit draws attention to assaults

Carlos Montoya, the former manager of an Manhattan Italian restaurant Valbella, was wrongfully terminated from his position for allegedly speaking out against sexual harassment in the establishment. Montoya was approached by two employees. They claimed that the harassing workers taunted a gay employee on multiple occasions and made inappropriate remarks about a female employee’s appearance….


The Ticker discloses future plans and welcomes new year

The Fall 2017 semester begins the 85th year of production for The Ticker and the editorial board is excited to announce that there is much to look forward to during the year. In Issue 1, News Editor Victoria Merlino covered the student government election nullification at the City College of New York, analyzing its potential…

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