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Board of Trustees must listen to CUNY presidents’ testimony

During the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 23, Chairperson William Thompson proposed to have one or two presidents from every CUNY campus present a brief president’s report at each meeting, instead of the current protocol of having every president attend every meeting regardless of the circumstances. While Thompson believes this is beneficial to…


Editors must prioritize fact-checking

Fact checking is an incredibly important aspect of accurate reporting. In a country where “fake news” and “alternative facts” have become regular terms, it is essential that news outlets present factual evidence and data in their stories to maintain credibility. For multiple media outlets, however, that has recently not been the case as gaffes in…


Times media policies raise eyebrows

The New York Times recently released new social media policies for its newsroom staff, detailing that the staff should not post political views on their social media accounts. Under the new guidelines, The Times reporters must not post anything on their private accounts that “undercuts The Times’s journalistic reputation,” as these so-called “private” posts would…


Cornell Tech partnership tries to shake up homogeneous field

CUNY partnered up with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cornell Tech to launch Winternship, a paid internship program and digital campaign for CUNY women in technology. This initiative aims to demonstrate support for CUNY women pursuing careers in technology by providing paid “winternships” to 200 female students studying computer science or a related field. The…


Cross-campus communication at CUNY needs improvement

CUNY contains 24 campuses across five boroughs. As an affordable public university system and the largest urban system in the nation, CUNY aims to provide a stellar education to over 270,000 students. However, a significant component of this education needs to be focused on creating a sense of community. CUNY allows students to take classes…


Corporate biases jeopardize debates

The race for the New York City mayor’s office advances Tuesday night with the first general election debate. The incumbent, Mayor Bill de Blasio, will have to defend his position from Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican, and Bo Dietl, an independent candidate. According to The New York Times, a recent Quinnipiac University poll concluded that…

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