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Self-driving fatality bound to happen

Self-driving cars have the potential to increase traffic efficiency and road safety. However, automakers still have a long way to go in the development of self-driving technology. A jaywalker was killed on March 18 by a self-driving Uber car in Tempe, Arizona, marking the first self-driving vehicle fatality ever recorded. In response, many car manufacturing…


Green Wall initiative wastes funds and sustainability efforts

On March 6, the Undergraduate Student Government’s Sustainability Committee and Baruch College’s Sustainability Task Force proposed the “Greener Baruch Initiative,” a project comprised of two parts: planting a tree on the corner of 24th Street and Lexington Avenue and installing a “Green Wall” at the south entrance of the Newman Vertical Campus, above the statue…


DeVos disregards poor public schools

Betsy DeVos’ March 11 interview on 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl has stirred up outcry over her controversial position as secretary of education. Criticisms revolved around DeVos’ perceived ignorance and lack of intrust toward public schools in the United States as she indirectly answered Stahl’s questions. When asked by Stahl about allocation of funds, DeVos…


Delta Airlines given unfair ultimatum

The recent school shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has led to a swift backlash against the National Rifle Association. Businesses and corporations, such as Delta Air Lines Inc., are discontinuing special discounts and offers for NRA members. In response to its decision to join the boycott, the Georgia government has given Delta…

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