Angel Torres


Himalayan Club’s first semester ends successfully

After its first semester in operation, the Baruch Himalayan Club had a strong finish with its final general interest meeting. The final meeting primarily featured the elections for the next semester’s executive board, but the meeting was open to both past and new members so they would understand the club better. Since its inauguration in…

Marketing professor teaches mindfulness and self-awareness

Marketing professor teaches mindfulness and self-awareness

Sunaina Chugani begins the preparation for the event she is hosting in her Upper West Side apartment on Thursday, Feb. 23, almost two days before the actual event. She starts by buying the ingredients for the food she is going to cook and by cleaning up the space that will soon be inhabited by strangers…


Inconsistent ideas show incompetence

Throughout his highly controversial campaign, president-elect Donald Trump has made many contradictory claims and offered shaky stances on a variety of subjects. However, following his win, the soon-to-be president went back and revised a lot of his statements, a move that may have secured his election. As a person, he is allowed to change his…


Facebook plans expansion to China

Facebook recently developed software to censor posts on its news feed in an attempt to appeal to China, a market where the social network has previously been blocked. The software will prevent content from entering feeds altogether, instead of blocking content the way Facebook does in countries such as Pakistan, Russia and Turkey. Facebook itself…

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