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Auditions begin as USG prepares for Baruch’s Got Talent showcase

Spring is on its way, which means warmer temperatures, some showers and an annual talent show at the end of March to kick off the beginning of the season: Baruch’s Got Talent.

Every year, Undergraduate Student government sponsors this event, which showcases Baruch College students that believe they have a talent worth

The team at USG starts preparations for this show months in advance, securing audition locations, marketing for auditions and creating a team to judge the contestants. Every year, this is one of USG’s biggest events. Why is Baruch’s Got Talent such an important event to USG? Vice President of Student Affairs, Candice Chatterpaul, weighs in, “This kind of event is important to the Baruch community because it showcases something other than your networking skills, or how good your resume is.”

Most students at Baruch all have some type of creative outlet that they turn to, but these crafts are often overlooked in the classroom. Baruch’s Got Talent fosters a welcoming environment that will allow students to showcase
their skills.

Chatterpaul explains that preparation for a successful show began midway through last semester, so that all logistics for the show would be prepared before auditions. “We try to get those out of the way first so we can focus on our acts more closely and make sure that all students are accommodated

Once dates were blocked off for auditions, USG provided online sign ups for students. Student specified their talent and anything they would need to make their auditions go smoothly. Auditions lasted for 30 minutes and were filmed for the student services committee to come back on a later date to review and judge the talent.

Judgment day was on March 11 where the committee chose, over a two hour period, who will be accepted to perform come show day. Judgment is not that harsh though, according to Chatterpaul. “Everyone can vote as many times as they want, and there’s not exactly a set number we shoot for, it’s more so on the basis of, ‘if you were sitting in the audience of the show, would you enjoy watching this
on stage?’”

This easy-going vibe of the judges will give the future audience lots of diverse talent to see. Over the three-week course of auditions, 21 students tried out for this
year’s show.

Amongst the acts are a slew of rappers, singers, poets, magicians and someone showcasing their jump roping skills. Whether or not all 21 will make it onto the stage at Mason Hall is unknown, but the overall laid back approach USG is taking will probably encourage all to show up come show date.

This is part of USG’s mission: to showcase more creative, and less business oriented events at Baruch. So much of student life is committed to various networking events, mixers and panels that singularly focus on business.

It is also a way for students to come and partake in an event that is outside of club hours, a major time commitment for Baruch students. Events that showcase one’s creativity help in all aspects
of life.

Chatterpaul urges, “being able to showcase your creativity just makes you feel good, and I will always be a proponent of events that make a student’s self-esteem and confidence go up.”

Additionally, this talent show can give performing students exposure to people within the entertainment industry. Daniel Dornbaum, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, urges the show participants to get in touch with judges after the show. “After their performance, they receive feedback from the panel of judges, some of whom are agents themselves.” This resource can be key to a creative student’s success, something USG is always urging towards. Whoever wins Baruch’s Got Talent will then move on to perform at a larger CUNY-wide talent show. This show will have even more agents and talent scouts to judge each performer’s

Because the talent show has restrictions as to what can be performed, USG is in the midst of brainstorming more ideas that will allow Baruch students to show what original and creative avenues they are skilled in. Dornbaum and USG in its entirety, are advocates for other creatively driven clubs
at Baruch.

USG acknowledges these clubs’ success in helping students find a sense of creativity and passion in a competitive collegiate environment. “Clubs like Blue Notes, Thespian Club and NYMIA do a great job creating outlets for students to showcase their creative side. Baruch is known for a certain type of environment, so it’s nice to know that there are these options for students who wish to incorporate music and performing arts into their college experience,”
says Dornbaum.

USG is always working on projects to try to foster a sense of community at this predominantly commuter school. With their help, and the talent of Baruch students, this year’s talent show is a reason to come watch and marvel in the work of your peers. It is also a time to enjoy what is not necessarily taught in Zicklin, Weissman or the School of Public Affairs. The day of the show is March 31, in Mason Hall.

The team at Undergraduate Student Government and the student services committee always appreciate help to make this show Baruch’s best yet.

Baruch students step out of the classroom to display hidden talents not otherwise seen in a predominantly commuter school. | bianca monteiro | The Ticker
Baruch students step out of the classroom to display hidden talents not otherwise seen in a predominantly commuter school. | bianca monteiro | The Ticker
March 21, 2016

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