Are we there yet? A timeline of elevator repairs in the 23rd Street building

An email was sent out to students on Sept. 18 in which Vice President of Administration and Finance Katharine T. Cobb apologized for the one working elevator that day in the 23rd Street building. The reduction in elevator service led to extreme delays for students and faculty.

On Sept. 17, only two elevators had periodic service. That night at around 5:45 pm, service was unexpectedly reduced to only one working elevator.

Elevator mechanics were onsite during Sept. 17 and Sept. 18. By Sept. 18, the two elevators that were offline had been repaired. Two additional elevators had periodic service but remained ineffective. The third elevator was delayed because it was waiting for a necessary part to be replaced.

Many of the parts needed for when the current elevators break down are hard to locate because they are so outdated. According to Cobb, in such cases, a part must be fabricated when an elevator breaks, which is expensive and time-consuming.

In her email, Cobb provided a broad timeline of events for the six elevators:

→The goal is to have four working elevators at all times.

→Two elevators are fully offline to undergo a major renovation and modernization.

→Then, another two will be taken offline for modernization.

→Following those two elevators, the remaining two will be repaired.

→By the end of 2019, all six elevators should be fully renovated and functioning.

Sahar Ilyas and Sheik Floradewan

October 3, 2018

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