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Dozens of speakers delivered testimonies at the CUNY Board of Trustees Sept. 19 meeting. PSC CUNY members attended the meeting to voice disdain over delayed back pay.

Dozens testify for back pay in front of CUNY board of trustees

CUNY students and faculty offered emotional testimonies at a CUNY board of trustees public hearing. Held on Monday, Sept. 19, on the 14th floor of the Newman Vertical Campus, the podium was open to speakers who wanted to discuss any calendar item on the agenda, including the budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year. Faculty salary...
Students pray during the Muslim Student Association’s annual Eid al-Adha event in the Multipurpose Room. Photos by Connor Henchey.

MSA continues tradition with Eid al-Adha event

The Muslim Student Association held its annual celebration for Eid al-Adha on Wednesday, Sept. 21, continuing its over 10-year-long tradition of hosting the event since the club’s inception at Baruch. Co-sponsored by the Muslim Business Association, Women in Islam and a multitude of other organizations around campus, the event gathered Muslim and non-Muslim students alike...
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