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Black History Month continues with black hair panel

In recognition of Black History Month, Baruch College hosted its first annual “Me, My Hair, & I” event on Feb. 14 to discuss the history, myths, expectations and trends surrounding black hair. The event featured a panel of YouTubers and natural hair enthusiasts who shared their own journey from having straight hair to letting their...
Newmark, who has expressed an interest in print journalism in the past, offered a different perspective as a news consumer. Chen Lin.

Craigslist founder discusses journalistic ethics at Baruch

The Baruch Performing Arts Center hosted a discussion titled “The Internet’s Challenges to Ethical Journalism” on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The event featured Craig Newmark, pioneer, philanthropist, speaker and the founder of Craigslist, along with Baruch professors Michael Bobelian and Andrea Gabor. The talk began with an explanation of journalistic ethics in the modern age. The...
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